12 Best Luxurious Living Room Decor Ideas 2017

In the early 2017’s, there are many new designs of the interior of a room. Likewise what happens with living room. Oriented to the design and decor of the living room in 2016, the system arrangement and shape of furniture is still a little change. It is very visible on the difference between the style of 2016 and 2017 is progress in terms of efficiency. The design style of living room in 2017 looks very interesting, all the furniture and accessories in it arranged very neatly. As examples we give here, the stylish design and decoration of luxury living room is an advanced trend in the 2017’s. In 2017, this type of sofa that is used is L-shaped sofa, but there are some trends that use I shaped or U-shaped sofa. But the type L shaped sofa is kind of a trend now. For architectural walls and ceiling today is not too excessive, that means with a simple design still looks attractive. In addition, a trend that many people enjoy doing this in 2017, that the walls and the ceiling is not too much to put accessories. So is the coffee table, side table, sideboard, and other furniture. Minimizing the placement of accessories in each piece turns positive impact on the outcome of the interior decoration of the living room. Here we give some of the design trends of the living room in 2017. Hopefully this information can provide many benefits for you.

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