15 Ultra modern fireplaces designs

Previously we ever showing examples grandest fireplace and modern fireplace , this time we will discuss about ultra modern fireplace. What kind of ultra modern fireplaces? Lets take a look explanation following. Ultra modern fireplace have form like modern fireplace, but another case that distinguish is the design and its placement.  If modern fireplace are mostly located in the wall, for type ultramodern Can be in coffee table, wall, above sideboard, or in acreage tv stands. Beside have typical characteristic mentioned, ultra modern fireplace also have mantle of glass with fringes dark color.If we compare with classic fireplace, this type looks more simple and harmonious in its placement. Ultramodern have levels above modern so that ultra modern fireplace design have design more sophisticated of modern fireplace style. Here we have 15 example images of ultra modern fireplace designs, as seen on images below, how is form and placement of ultra modern fireplace style, with beauty and its sophisticated.