16 Best of the Log House Architecture Designs

Log house is a kind of home design that today many people enjoy. The log house has a very unique architectural. Wood is the primary material in the manufacture of this type of house. Log house can also be called wooden house, it is because the wood is very dominant in the construction and architectural. The log house is made in a unique way, which is arranged in parallel horizontal logs. With this architecture, the log house belonging to the type of unique house. If we look at in terms of strength, then surely it has a high level of strength. If we look at in terms of architectural, the log house has exterior appearance is artistic and unique. For the construction site, the log house would be very suitable if made in the countryside or in the mountains. The log house looks very natural, it will increasingly look beautiful and natural if it is made in a forest area. What do you think? If you have an interest in this type of home, here we give some examples of log house designs.

calming-log-house-design awesome-small-log-house-design-with-porch attractive-log-house-design charming-pinewood-log-house-design cool-minimalist-log-house-design creative-log-house-architecture-design dazzling-small-log-house-design impressive-log-house-design interesting-small-log-house-architecture-design wonderful-log-house-design-with-front-balcony wonderful-log-house-design-ideas simple-log-house-design remarkable-log-house-design memorable-log-house-design lovely-pinewod-log-house-design