16 Styles of bathroom shower design ideas for small space

Most of the bathroom have spacious area, but if we have small bathroom and want to add the shower, so we must smart rearranging your bathroom so that seen beautiful and comfortable used. Small bathroom will be difficult to us to put the shower room. For that we will try to share knowledge about how to put the shower in narrow space. The bathroom must visible neat and clean, to divider use made of translucent glass or frosted glass. The corner of bathroom is that we easy to install the wall glass. The bathroom door you can choose the form of sliding or thrust, while the wall use light color natural stones, and its floor also must to adapt wall color. If your bathroom are classical style then select creamy color or brown so that the impression classical will appear. To the bathroom modern style choose accent color white, gray and black. Find sensation take a bath with the nuance that you want.