18 Cool Inspiration Wall Garden Ideas


In general the garden is on the ground, but to get a unique decor, garden can be placed on a wall. Decorating an indoor or outdoor area, putting a garden on the wall will change the atmosphere to be more unique and creative. On the wall we can fill all parts with various kinds of plants. Given the many types of plants, the walls will look very beautiful and interesting. In addition to the beauty, a room with wall garden will certainly provide a natural freshness. All plants will produce a lot of oxygen, so the air circulation in the room will be better.


How to decorate a wall by placing a garden? In placing a wall garden, the main thing we must consider is determine which part of the wall we will make the media. In an indoor or outdoor area, the wall garden will turn a tedious atmosphere into a refreshing one. Wall garden will give new inspiration to us, so we will feel comfortable when occupy it. See some examples of wall garden designs we have presented here. There is an outdoor wall garden and an indoor wall garden. Hopefully the examples we present here can provide a new inspiration for you.