20 Best bungalow style modular home designs

Bungalow Style modular home, as its name, type this home have mixture of bungalows and modular home. The modular can be regarded semi-permanent home, the construction have the chassis permanent, different with mobile home that can move on anywhere. Back to discussion beginning about bungalow style modular home, there are many design of home type. The type of this home have roof window and wide yard, beside design in the front of is any porch that have roof various kind of design according to the form of home. The porch this home has several pole that make design more beautiful exterior. With porch in front of porch make this home has staircase. Of most kinds of home that located in fence add terrace. With that way home will look stately and beautiful. To paint exterior usually use gray color with accent white, or also can with black paint with accent white. If large home, the addition of the window roof will give beauty that remarkable. With wide yard, type home also adapted by adding garden on the front yard or backyard. While in side of bungalow, type of home have front broad terrace. In some the images mentioned show some modular design of bungalow style home together with exterior paint appropriate.