20 Best Modern Living Room Sofa Set Design Both for Indoor or Outdoor Area


Sofa set is the main furniture in a living room. There are many examples of designs from sofa sets for indoor or outdoor areas. Design this one, it certainly will not disappoint you, it is round sofa set. The round or circle sofa set is an example of a design that has a very beautiful design. With coffee table is right in the middle, and then surrounded by a sofa, then the living room in your home will be more beautiful and attractive. A living room that uses a round sofa set, it’s like a vortex. Therefore the concentration of the display will be centered on the sofa set. As for other furniture or other accessories only serves as a beauty enhancer. With these reasons, the beauty of the design and decoration of the living room as if only represented by the existence of a round sofa set.


As we know, the living room has two kinds of placement, its indoor area and outdoor area. In the indoor living room, the sofa set is usually made of suitable material to avoid sun and rain. For indoor sofa is usually made of upholstered leather. The round upholstered leather sofa set will look more trendy and unique, it when compared with other designs.

As for the round outdoor sofa set, it is usually made of wood or rattan. The most important thing is the round outdoor sofa set in the design to be resistant to rain, sunshine, and humid air. As a reference, here we give some examples of the most trendy design of the round sofa set, both for indoor or outdoor area.