20 Example images of Wonderful swimming pool roof design

When we see a remarkable swimming pool design, of course we will amazed. A design that designed with full of beauty and great construction. Swimming pool have the design with high inspiration, certainly will create some kind of model that amazing. One example of remarkable swimming pool design is roof swimming pool. The roof swimming pool have great design, with construction that amazing. Type this swimming pool usually at the hotel or high building. But with era development, many people designing pool on the roof. If the home with concrete roof, certainly more better if built a swimming pool on it. But the architectural the roof concrete have to strong, because it will hold burden great. Advantage of the swimming pool roof is freedom, and get view that amazing, as if we swim in the sky.This type can also called private swimming pool, because located in the altitude place, so that we would more free and comfortable. Swimming pool be on the roof usually rectangular shaped, but there are some unique shaped. A lot of swimming pool design this type, all have great construction and beautiful view. If you are not so know the roof swimming pool, the following there are several example pictures which maybe can be your inspiration if you want make the roof swimming pool.