20 Examples of Modern living room with fireplace and tv decorating ideas

A modern living room in large or small, need good decoration, start of placement the furniture, decoration walls, ceilings, and accessories. To be more looks beautiful and impressive, the modern living room usually added fireplace and tv units.A living room with the fireplace and tv units, will look elegant and classy, and of course supported by modern furniture too. The living room modern style better if using electric fireplace, while for can put wall tv unit or standing tv unit. With the fireplace and tv unit, need beautiful decoration on the parts. Modern electric fireplace, we could designing with wall mounted, or corner of the living room. Meanwhile wall tv the kind of unit, above the fireplace, with this system setting, fireplace unit and the tv walls decoration will harmonious and make your living room more neat. But some of the modern living room design will put fireplace and tv unit with different position, if tv that used kind of standing, because need tv stand. According to decoration described above, so the living room with the fireplace and tv decoration idea will make interior design beautiful and neat. Images the following is example the living room modern style furnished with fireplace and tv unit. Some examples of the living room design here, might be one of them are conformity with your expectation.