20 Examples of the small bedroom decor ideas

The small bedroom maybe you will imagine very narrow, tired and filled with furniture. If you have home with bedroom that small or want to use an empty space to be used as bedroom, maybe here you will find the answer.
Designing a small bedroom actually more easy, because we can manage furniture more tightly so your bedroom look more neat. Choosy bed frame with many drawers so that we can use to put the clothing or other items. Put bed move closer to wall so you still have space, so are furniture other as wardrobe, tables and chairs move closer in the wall. Try not to put furniture too much, this will cause bedroom became too narrow. By minimizing furniture the solution is give wall shelving to put goods like book or other accessories. If you do not want put a lot of furniture, so fill bedroom with bed with drawer, table, chair, mini sideboard, and many wall shelves so that you are not difficulty put goods. For the color theme bedroom, you can select as examples the picture mentioned, for example creamy color combine with white color, or purple combine with white, or green color combine with white, or also blue combine with white.
Besides example small bedroom design that have explained above, you can also see small bedroom design as examples other mentioned.