20 Geometric Wooden Living Room End Table Design


In a living room there is one type of furniture that is a complement to the beauty of the interior, it called end table. The end table is located at the end of a sofa or on the left and right side of the sofa. This small table is used to place small objects, such as flower vase, book, or other. In addition to the function is the placement of the end table on the left and right side of the sofa, then it can make the living room look more beautiful and interesting.


To complement the beauty of the living room then we can choose a variety of designs from the end table. As a reference, this time we give one example of unique and creative end table, it geometric style wooden end table. Geometric is a form of pattern that has uniqueness and creativity. Geometric can be applied to the form of a furniture, one of which is on the living room end table.


The Geometric wooden end table, in its application, the geometric shape can be applied to the whole part of the end table, or it can be on the table surface only. If the application on all parts of the table, it can be selected solid wood materials. If only on the surface, then we can take advantage of iron for the legs. Geometric is a design that has uniqueness and high creativity. With these characteristics, so if we place on the living room, it will definitely give a big impact of beauty on the design and decoration as a whole.