20 The best Scandinavian interior design

On the topic previously we have talk about Scandinavian home exterior design, form and exterior decoration of Scandinavian house design. On the topic this time we will discussed about best Scandinavian interior design, such as whether interior decoration of the home, as follows its explain. amazing-scandinavian-living-room-interior-designThe Scandinavian interior design have typical characteristic in the color theme and furniture used, beside that also of decoration and the way its placement of accessories. For theme color the interior, in Scandinavian style have main color white, both for wall and ceiling, while for the floor appropriate from a kind of material used. The Scandinavian furniture more priority element simplicity but still look beautiful, both for living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or part another home. Because white as dominant color, so make interior design clean and tidy. In Scandinavian interior design not too much use kinds of colors, but only composed of white color as main color while complement color only consist of one or two colors. White usually used for wall, ceiling, and floor, while furniture much use of brown or black color. The following there are examples of Scandinavian interior design, kinds of various decoration ,may this topic useful to you and increase your knowledge about Scandinavian style interior design.