20 The most beautiful standing floor lamps

A living room is more beautiful if furnished with the accessories that beautiful. Accessories in the living room have many kinds, as wall accessories, ornaments floor, ornament table, ornament ceiling, and etc.One of kind accessories that can make decoration the living room more beautiful is floor lamp. The floor lamp have many form and way of its placement, there is floor lamp that flattened with a floor, and there is kind floor a lamp on the floor or called a standing floor lamp. The standing floor lamp consist of stalk, base, and head lights.Of all part the mentioned if are designed with high creativity so produced a standing floor lamp with beautiful shape. The standing floor lamp, both form modern or classic, all have functions as a light, but when viewed of shape, so can as beautify. Therefore, to make the living room beautiful so it is better if put a standing floor lamp that compatible with the form of the living room. If you still not found a kind of beautiful standing floor lamp, maybe from 20 example picture above can you made reference. Here we provide 20 example of the most beautiful a standing floor a lamp designs.