20 The most creative ideas for wall shelves

In decorating a wall to produce a result beautiful and interesting of course need creative ideas.One of decoration the wall can have multi-function is by install shelves that unique and creative. Shelves that unique and creative in addition to give function to put accessories also can increase beautify wall decoration. There are many ideas creative that we can do in designing wall shelves that unique and interesting. We can take the example of wall shelves that box shaped and form levels, or shelves which ladder shaped made of glass, or can also wall shelves that made of boards of skateboard, of the examples mentioned, although simple but seen unique and creative. Besides examples above, its still many more ideas creative in make the wall shelves to look interesting. Here we presented many examples of wall shelves that made very unique and creative, we can see a lot of material and the pattern arrangement creative. In addition creativity in placement also very unique and beautiful. Here there are 20 example of wall shelves that most creative, good form, ingredients, and pair place. Of images we present is expected to inspire you to create new ideas in wall decoration, especially with wall shelves that more unique and creative.