Amazing gold painted rooms

What do you think if we said gold? Sure you will expects about luxury and something is very expensive. Of course we often see examples gold colored furniture, how is luxury impression that shown of furniture, of course will look very luxurious and very look expensive. But how if the color of gold applied to the wall, floor, ceiling, or accessories. Such as whether the results? And such as whether examples of a room given touch the gold color in its interior decoration? Take look the explanation of we following. An interior of a home that given paint color gold, both on the floor, wall, and ceiling, of course will memorable that very luxurious and expensive. Although not all of the contents of the room painted with gold color, but impression of luxurious and sparkling still we can get. The people usually created a interior design that beautiful by giving touch gold color in accessories or furniture. Here we give the example of interior design that uses the paint color gold as its main color. Examples that we present here, including gold bathroom painted, gold living room painted, gold bedroom painted, and etc. We can see from the examples, that touch of gold color it can be applied in various of place in the interior of a home. Although only a few, but touch of the gold color produce a decoration that luxurious and memorable very expensive.

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