Amazing interior barn door and hardware design from classic style into modern style

At present many traditional style house integrated into the modern house. In this thing often we meet on element the door, window, furniture, and other accessories. As example the classic house that still existent until now for example ranch house, barn house, country house, and some other examples.

The barn house was one of the classic house have the unique design. But in the development of period, the barn house many renewed its design be the modern barn house. The typical characteristic of the barn house is to the door design, that is a door that have sliding design with iron rails on the top.The interior barn door have unique design, that is leaves of the door hang on hardware that equipped wheel. This wheel walk on railway that have function to move the door.Although working system from this interior barn door is still classics, but many people installed on the modern houses. This we can see on the its door design modern style. The integrated traditional element and modern this made house interior design be more beautiful. Hardware of this barn door are various kind but have same function.The interior barn door design is have one leaf door or two doors, which system its works same that is shifted. The following there are lots of examples the interior barn door and hardware that has been in adoption into modern style.We can also make leaf the its door with white color, natural wood, or solid wood. Here are example pictures of the interior barn door and hardware that has been designed to modern style.