Antique bamboo home designs

Bamboo is kind of plant that can we use become goods high art value.Because forms of bamboo that unique, often bamboo into a material which designed artistic.Beside to make a goods, bamboo can also used as the main material in make home or floor of home. Bamboo home many found in province Asian, of course typical characteristic bamboo home in Asia more inclined into style tropical house.In addition, bamboo home more designed into the shape of platform home. In accordance with its name, all parts home bamboo more dominated by bamboo material, as wall, fence, roof construction, floor, door, window, and staircase. Uniqueness of bamboo home is, all connection connected with rope, while in the wood home much use a nail. Of the way manufacturing also is simple and easy, but the results very beautiful and antique. Above there are 10 example of antique bamboo home designs. This explanation from us about bamboo home design, may useful.