Antique Wooden Bathroom Vanity with Aesthetic Carving

When we designing a bathroom, the first we must determine of theme and its decoration. As we know, interior and exterior design consisting of two styles, namely modern and classic. If determine of bathroom design with classical style, so election furniture design is very important. With high creativity, classical style will be developed into several styles, namely antique, unique, artistic, elegant, luxury, and etc. This time we take one of them that is antique style. luxury-wooden-carving-bathroom-vanityA bathroom which is designed with style of classical and antique, certainly filled with nuance were high art value, both for furniture and decoration. Directly to the main points of this article, its antique wooden vanity. Vanity is the type of furniture that must be in each bathroom. natural-wood-bathroom-vanity-with-beautiful-carvingA wooden bathroom vanity which is designed antique have uniqueness in carving. The carving on antique bathroom vanity usually represent typical characteristic of a certain areas. We can take example, the art of Chinese carving certainly would be different to the art of Indian carving, or would be different to the art of morocco carving, so are other areas. Besides in terms of carving motive, the other thing that show the antique impression is on design of bathroom vanity. Different of country would be different its design.