Applying the art of origami into architectural interior

In designing the interior of various types of buildings certainly want to show something different and interesting. How to design an architectural interior that can attract people’s attention? In a home or other building types, the inside is the most important thing that we should note. Why is that? Mirror beauty at home can be determined from the good and whether or not the interior design. One of the architectural style of the interior is unique and fascinating is origami style. Inspired by the art of paper folding that originated in Japan, it creates an interior architectural design with origami. The art handicrafts using paper, with high creativity and imagination, the paper can be made into various shapes of animals, airplanes, ships, or other objects. The art of paper folding that originated in Japan is to inspire people to be applied to architectural interior of some types of buildings, including homes, offices, restaurants, and other types of buildings. Then how once applied to the interior design of a home? It turned out to create a work that is very beautiful and unique. As in the real origami art, architectural interior with origami style turned out to have something interesting and amazing. To add a reference, here we provide examples of architectural interior design with origami style. The examples presented here consists of origami kitchen interior architectural, origami bathroom interior architectural, origami office interior architectural, origami shop interior architectural, and many others.