Artistic home on stilts design

House on stilts is a type of house building which is unique in terms of construction and design. Besides, the house has a very different architectural design with the kind of home in general. This house type is usually found in the area seashores, near the forest, swampy areas, and on the slopes of the mountains. In this house type consists of pillars that prop up part of the floor of the house. There are several designs of this house, including tropical style, western, and etc. Home on stilts is also called the pile dwellings or palafitte, this house is made with the intention to avoid the danger of flooding, wild animals, and other bad possibilities. There is one type of these houses are in a very artistic design and has its own charm. As examples we give here, there are several types of houses on stilts made very beautiful and has a tremendous appeal. Hopefully this article can be useful to you, and you can make new insights about home designs are unique and interesting.