Artistic Persian Style Dining Room Design

Persian style dining room is an example design that very famous in the world. This style comes from the middle east. What makes this style very famous in the world? One of them is motive that is shown on the rug have uniqueness in variety of culture and historical value. luxurious-persian-dining-room-decoration-ideasBesides on the rug, the other uniqueness is found in decoration of wall and ceiling. Such as whether example of Persian style dining room? The Persian style dining room very prominent artistic value. The artistic value be highly visible from the shape of dining table, dining chair, wall decoration, rug area, ceiling decoration, and dining table decoration.wonderful-persian-dining-room-design In ceiling decoration, uniqueness seen from chandelier design which decorates ceiling, so are the part of wall, in this area there are many accessories that give the atmosphere that sparkling and feast for eyes. In Persian style dining room, motives that is on rug area is represent culture of the middle east. The carvings and ornament that is giving an artistic value that very remarkable. The Persian style is example design with high artistic value.