Awesome finished basement that is designed to be a useful part of the house

For big houses usually have basement that large enough. Most people would using the basement into a warehouse for storing goods worn out, or let be empty place. But the basement will better if be used part of house that have uses. The basement if we can designing this be a place that is useful, of course we will often to visit it. The basement can be functioned or designed become living room, mini bar, kitchen bar, home theater, billiards room, relaxation room, or also can be bathroom. On the roof would be designed exposed beam with the regulation lighting that remarkable.The basement interior design that accordance with forms of basement it own. We can see few examples of the interior design basement as that shown. There are living room basement, home theater basement, billiards room basement, basement bathroom, basement kitchen bar, and basement bathroom. But not only it, there are several basement design that functioned be part other houses.Hence, make your basement become room be useful and have beautiful interior design, so your house would have functional more efficient.