Awesome permanent and mobile outdoor fire pit design ideas

Previously we have discussed about fireplace article, both indoor or outdoor, this time we will discuss about fire pits. What is difference and equations of fireplace and fire pits? Fireplace have kiln that closed with mantle, heat that generated out of the face, while fire pit heat that produced from the top part of fire arc. Fire pits usually placed in outdoor, why is that? because heat which produced in the form of fire arc that appears at the top, so directly related with free air, so will be guaranteed its security. The outdoor fire pits own has two kinds, namely permanent fire pit and mobile fire pit. The permanent outdoor fire pit usually was sitting on coffee table, or made of arrangement of circular rock and its around placed chair or outdoor other furniture.While mobile outdoor fire pits usually made of wrought iron, or material have the nature of fireproof. The type of outdoor this fire pit can placed anywhere in accordance with our desire. In addition, the mobile fire pit have legs, so that it can called also with freestanding fire pits.

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