Beautiful and creative design of decorative garden light ideas

How to decorate a park to look beautiful? The answer is by placing various accessories as trimmer and add beauty to a garden The accessories that aimed consisting of various shapes and placement, such as on the tree, in the land, in the pathway edge, and in the other parts of a plant. One of type of accessories for the garden is decorative light. The decorative garden light, have two ways placement, that is hanged and freestanding. To decorative garden hanging lights can be lantern, lampion, ornament lamp, and decorative lamp garden other. While to type of decorative freestanding garden light, usually form standing floor light for pathway, freestanding lantern, decorative floor lamps, crystal lamp, and etc. All types of decorative garden lights if designed and way its placement in accordance then be acquired a garden with beautiful decoration. Here we giving an example of decorative garden light that can make a garden decoration that beautiful and interesting. In examples image here is beautiful and creative design of decorative garden light ideas.