Beautiful and creative flower rugs design

Flower rugs is the design of the rug that has a different shape to the shape of the rug in general. We often see the rectangle shape rug, round rug, rug oval, octagonal rug, or other common form. Here we will show you a unique rug with floral shapes. What if flower shaped rug is in your house? Rug usually located on the floor of the front door, or near furniture. Although only as foot cleaning media from dust and dirt, but these accessories can also function as a decor accent, therefore, the design and shape should look beautiful and attractive. One that can be used as a reference is the selection of flower rugs, placement of flower rugs will add beauty to your home on the interior or exterior, especially on the floor. Here there are a lot of examples of beautiful and creative flower design rugs. In the example image that we present consists of roses flower rugs, sunflower rugs, and a few other examples of beautiful flower. In addition consists of a kind of flower shape, the examples here are also made up of a wide variety of flower colors, there are red, blue, white, pink, purple, yellow, gray, and orange. The unique flower rugs will be very beautiful if placed on a wooden floor, or floor with a wood motif. Hopefully this information is helpful to you.