Beautiful bathroom decor accent ideas

Bathroom as we know is part of the house or apartment that need attention in terms of beauty. A lot of designs bathroom which priority to atmosphere that comfortable and beautiful. So many things could be done in decorate bathroom to look more beautiful and interesting. One of the ways could be done so that bathroom better is by placing beautiful accessories. As we know accessories that aimed are as decor accent. The decor accent for bathroom is trinkets that aimed add beauty bathroom. These accessories consisting of wall hanging, ornament vanity, ornament floor, or ornament ceiling. The examples of decor accent in the vanity are flower, tissue place, soap place, and some other accessories that beautiful. While for decor accent to wall its example are painting, wall lamp, mirror, and other accessories that interesting. It also to decor accent to ceiling. Of explanation above, could be taken the conclusion that, decor accent aimed to add beauty in bathroom.