Beautiful classic hanging and wall mounted lantern designs

Lantern is type of ornamental lamp that placed on the outdoor or indoor of a house. Type of this lamp can installed with way hanged or attached to the wall. Most people put type this lamp as beauty complement decoration both on exterior and interior. So that lantern besides as lighting also can be used decor accent. There are a lot of design of type this lamp, there are classic lantern, unique lantern, modern lantern, antique lantern, decorative lantern, and still many more other forms. One design of lantern that very interesting and beautiful is classic lantern. The classic lantern have impression that history and artistic, the form of this lamp usually made of glass and iron. To part order made of wrought iron that formed very beautiful, while glass used to cover. Besides wrought iron there are some types of material can be used as material in making lantern, as stainless steel, or other. The classic lantern made in various forms and design which is beautiful and unique .As examples the following, there are various kinds form and material from classic lantern that you can make reference. Hopefully this information is useful for you, thank you have read this article.