Beautiful Country style living room furniture sets

This time we will discuss one of style interior that is very famous in the world, namely country style. Type of this style is much use classics element, both for furniture and its decoration. This time we presenting about country style living room sets. As in living room sets in general that consisting of chair, sofa, coffee table, endtable, sideboard, ottoman, bench, tv stands, and some additional furniture. Difference from country living room furniture sets when compared with living room in general that is on the design and arrangement system. To type of this style forms of chair or sofa be highly visible antique and very artistic, the elegant impression much found in decoration. Besides furniture, the accessories that wall ornament, floor, and ceiling very appear the art of element and beauty. So that in country style living room have an interior design very beautiful and interesting. We take the example of the wall, the country style living room wall have decoration consisting of accessories and arrangement system that beautiful remarkable. So are ceiling decoration, floor and decor accent which is found in furniture, especially in coffee table. On the ceiling there is a chandelier very beautiful, that made the living room seem luxurious and very beautiful. Here we presenting examples of country style living room interior design, including of country style furniture sets, accessories country style, and country style decor accents.