Beautiful gazebo with fireplace ideas, both with tv unit or without tv unit

One kind of complement building on a house or on a garden is gazebo. Gazebo is a minimalist building with roof, but not have wall or door. Gazebo only has roof and pillar, usually fueled of wood. There are two types of gazebo, the first is tile roofed while for the second only wood roofed that set neat. astounding-gazebo-with-fireplaceOne of type of gazebo that famous is Japanese gazebo, this type very identical with artistic value and wooden architectural that beautiful. Under gazebo usually gotten outdoor furniture, consisting of chair, table, endtable, outdoor ceiling fans, and some the accessories that interesting. Besides goods mentioned, in gazebo will more beautiful if placed a fireplace. The kind of fireplace that used is permanent fireplace with a mantle of stone or brick. In terms of placement, in gazebo, fireplace will be placed at the side or in the corner, it will be adapted with position of fireplace or dependent on our desire. That needs to noted is anywhere its placement provided that appropriate will make a decoration that beautiful and interesting. A fireplace which is in gazebo usually people will create by placing tv unit above fireplace, so that it will add comfort and beauty in gazebo. Here we have prepared examples of beautiful gazebo with fireplace, besides that also there are examples of gazebo with fireplace and tv units.