Beautiful Green Bathroom Theme with White Color Accent

Green color is symbol of life and freshness. To create a bathroom so as to have refreshing atmosphere, so choose green interior theme is the right choice. Although in a green theme, but not requires all part of bathroom applied green color. In this case, green color we make as main color, therefore we can add kinds of other colors that functioned as color accent. beautiful-tropical-bathroom-design-with-green-and-white-themesColor accent that is ideal for used as companion color is white. A green bathroom theme will look more beautiful if uses white color accent. contemporary-green-and-white-bathroom-decoration

The application of green color to a bathroom have many ways, as we know, in a bathroom there are several main parts, for example wall, floor, ceiling, and furniture. From some main parts, we can create in terms of the application green color and white. Because green color very dominant, so the impression of fresh and live really can be seen from interior design in bathroom.

calming-green-and-white-bathroom-design-with-yellow-accent-color Besides white color, there is one type of other colors that very suitable if used as color accent, namely yellow. Yellow is the type of color that clear, if juxtaposed on green color, then be acquired a beautiful green bathroom theme. gorgeous-green-bathrooms-ideas-with-white-color-accentIt is important to note, do not painting all parts of bathroom with green color, this means not have companion color as color accent. If you do it, so bathroom will look monotonous and boring. The giving of color accent is the right way in terms to dispel impression of boring.

modern-fresh-green-bathroom-design-with-white-color-accent modern-master-bathroom-design-with-green-and-white-themes pretty-master-bathroom-design-with-green-and-white-interior-colors remarkable-bathroom-design-with-green-themes stylish-green-bathroom-with-white-decor-accent trendy-green-bathroom-design-with-white-color-accent vintage-small-bathroom-design-with-white-and-green-tones wonderful-spacious-bathroom-design-with-green-and-white-themes