Beautiful hanging and standing garden paper lanterns designs

On a garden any one kind of the accessories that installed by hanging on the trees, on the rope or in pergola. The type of this accessories is very cheap and easy way its manufacture. The accessories that aimed is garden paper lantern or also called with lampion. This accessories garden made of colorful paper, on the inside given the lamp. If we could well in arranging, although easy in its manufacture, but if right its placement so will produce a garden decoration very beautiful. There are some motives from paper lantern, including decorative, colorful, floral, plain, and unique motives. When viewed from its shape, the garden paper lantern have some design, for example, box, round, creative, and unique. But most people more like round shape and box. Besides hang installed, accessories this garden some laid in fence or on the table. Of all the way placement, the main thing will be achieved is get a garden with decoration that beautiful and very interesting. In accordance with topic of this time, here we have prepared examples image of hanging garden paper lanterns and standing garden paper lantern.