Beautiful indoor or outdoor cactus garden designs

Cactus garden is kind of garden which have a unique design and decoration. In accordance with its name, types of this garden have type of cactus plants, that is a types of plant have resistance to water, it means a types of plant that need some water. Therefore in terms of care of course not will be difficult. A lot of types of cactus plant that can be planted, types of this plant usually be in the desert or places have little water. The cactus garden could we make in small garden or garden with broad size. The mini cactus garden usually placed on indoor, this thing for the purpose as trimmer or decor accent in a room. We can put almost all in parts of house or apartment, in terms of placement we can put on the desk or on the floor. If make a mini garden, we can plant various kinds of cactus plant in one pot. The other thing that we need to notice is arranging of various kinds of cactus plant to be one combination of cactus plants which are beautiful and interesting. While for outdoor cactus garden, we build a garden with full various kinds of cactus plants and given gravel media, sand, or rocks. The following are examples of the beautiful cactus garden, both for indoor or outdoor.