Beautiful living room decor accent ideas

On article previously, we have talked about lime green accessories for living room, now we will discuss about element whatever add beauty in the living room. As in parts other houses, such as bedroom, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, or the other part, living room also need be given few additional so as to have decoration that interesting and beautiful. Living room as one of the main part of a house or apartment, some way so that the purpose achieve its determine the theme, style, kind of furniture and which must be there is election kind of decor accent. We take one that is decor accent, the living room decor accent consisting of many forms and style, we can take the example of accessories for the living room they are fresco, ornament hanging on the ceiling, interesting ornament on coffee table, unique ornament to endtable, beautiful ornament in sideboard, floor lamp , and still many more examples that beautiful and interesting other.Of reviews above, the following we present the example of the living room decor accent, examples that we present are examples the accessories that in accordance with the theme and style of living rooms are we show.