Beautiful modern vintage styles home decor

Created a decoration of unique home of course give the impression that own for people who occupy and see it.There are so many examples of unique interior design, one example which is interesting is modern vintage home decor, such as whether example of that interior decoration? the modern the vintage home decor, in accordance with its name is integrated of two style that is modern and vintage. In which part that uses modern style? And which part will use vintage style? modern-vintage-grey-home-decorOn the type of unique home decor this type, the application of two style can diverse, start of wall, floor, ceiling, decor accent, furniture and accessories. For example, in the part of wall, ceiling, and floor modern style, but furniture that used have classic style, although different style, but if arrangement way and good its choice then be acquired modern vintage home decor very beautiful, or can also furniture use modern form but wall decoration and other more in the classical style, this will not reduce the beauty of a home interior, but if we smart in arrangement it, of course will produce an interior decoration that is very beautiful and interesting. To another example, for example furniture and form of room in modern style, but accessories and decor accent that used in the classical style. Besides examples that we have mentioned above, still many more other examples. Take look the image which we present here.