Beautiful open natural bathroom designs

The modern bathroom design maybe familiar for us but how about the bathroom unique may be only some people know. So that way we have provided some example picture of unique open bathroom designs. As printed in the images here, the open bathroom have beauty separate, because has nature view that made this style bathroom is giving more sensation. The natural impression of the open bathroom more visible, so that decoration will adorned with beautiful plants. This design also makes us more free sensation and enjoy the nature with comfortable. Design of the open bathroom usually have two types, the first is a bathroom located outside of a room so it relates directly to the outdoors. The second is a bathroom with a roof but have view with outside. Beside profit above, design the open bathroom also have nice circulation air, because directly dealing with a natural open. Here is the best designs of type open bathroom that looks natural. We can see of a design the floor and the wall, and furniture used, all seem natural and have fresh and cool nuances.