Beautiful outdoor ceiling lights for front or back porch

A house have porch, both on the front or back, of course need a light, There is which hanged, attached, and some mounted in ceiling. In addition to light, ceiling light can also as additional beauty porch, especially on the ceiling. There are many forms and design of outdoor ceiling light, for example round, rectangle, oval, octagonal, and some unique forms. To part of frame, the outdoor ceiling light also have several kind of materials, as wrought iron, stainless steel, wood, and etc. Here we have prepared various kinds form and design of outdoor ceiling lights for porch, starting from the form of classic until modern. For the placement also have several variation, for example laid in the middle, or in each the corner of porch. Actually there is kinds other lights which can installed on porch, as chandelier and hanging lamp. But the type of mounted ceiling light look more neat and impressive.