Beautiful single story homes design ideas

The single story home, what is the mean of that term? the single story home is a type of building which only have one floor and no access again to increase the up, it means type this building have roof as permanent. The single story home design have the simple form, but in interior part consisting of the main part at a house, as living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and other part. All parts of it is in the same level, so that completeness room could get on only one the floor. Type of this building called also with one-story home, it means a house which have one-floor or level. How is the exterior form of single story home designs? building form this type of course have simple design, but still looks its beauty element. The single story home can also defined a house that can be used for resident, work place, recreation and place goods storage. So as to be taken conclusion that the building this house, very ideal in terms of benefits, because all we can get in our house. The following the example of single story home designs have building form very beautiful and interesting.

admirable-single-story-homes-design astounding-single-story-homes-design awesome-single-story-homes-design cool-white-single-story-homes-design exotic-single-story-homes-design homey-single-story-homes-design modern-minimalist-single-story-homes-design simple-single-story-homes-design