Beautiful Vaulted Kitchen Ceiling Lighting Design and Decoration

On previously article we had discussed about the lighting system on slated kitchen ceiling, this time we will give subjects about vaulted kitchen ceiling lighting ideas. Vaulted ceiling not far different with slated ceiling, the second types of those designs all have same slope. Both on slated and vaulted ceiling, all have difficulty in terms placement system of lights. As we know on previously article we had discussed about how to designing kitchen with slope ceiling, and how to placement system lamp that exactly. To get the lighting well in vaulted ceiling or slated kitchen, the second have sameness in terms of selection kind of the lights and the installation of light. The difference between vaulted and slated is if on slated only have one slope area, while in vaulted has two parts of slope areas. To light placement on kitchen vaulted ceiling we can follow like on slated ceiling, but to vaulted we can put right in the middle of the roof. If designed exposed beam, so we just hanging the light on main of beam. To type of lamp that we can use is chandelier, with exposed beam design, so will make kitchen decoration more beautiful and interesting.

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