Beautify the exterior of your home with a mini garden under the window

To beautify the exterior decoration of a house, there are many things that we can do. In addition to the indoor area, the placement of the mini garden can also we do in outdoor area. The special is for exterior window, we can provide a beautiful touch on the bottom, namely by placing the mini garden. best-simple-mini-garden-under-exterior-windowTo create a mini garden under the window, we could put box to place the flower. In designing mini garden, we can create a box with the various forms that need to be kept in mind is that adjust with the width and the shape of the window. A house with a mini garden in place under the window of course will provide a beauty on the stylish exterior decoration. This way as well as the beauty of the stylish exterior can also function as a media that produce oxygen, so that the air around the house will be more fresh. To decorate the stylish exterior of a house , and in this way is one of the brilliant ideas. Box to plant flowers can we make from the various kinds of materials such as wood, wrought-iron, concrete, and etc. In addition to determine the design of the box, other things that need to be addressed is to determine the type of ornamental plants. In determining the composition and types of ornamental plants, certainly must adjust with the color of the window and the size of the box. Put too many ornamental plants can also reduce the beauty of the stylish exterior house. And as an example of beautiful and harmony of mini garden under window? Find out more information with to listen to some examples of images that we have provided here.