Best 10 comfortable media room design

The Media room is a place in a house or apartment that used to watch a movie, karaoke, or other entertainment. This place consists of the TV unit, sound unit, sofas, and the light of the lamp. To create a media room so comfortable, so we must make the design of each section to become more beautiful and attractive. As in other parts of the house, media room must also have a comfortable design.To, then we must pay attention to the design of the aspects that contained, including furniture design, wall decoration, decoration ceiling, lighting system, and floor decoration. Adjust the distance between the couch with the TV unit is one of the ways that can make the media room become comfortable. In addition, will be better if on the wall we provide simple decoration, for example without having to install too many accessories. If placed too many accessories that make the wall seem boring. Therefore, replacing a few accessories will create a more enjoyable decoration. On the walls we can install the wall light. In addition as accessories, wall light can also function as the lighting area, the light produced by the light from the wall will add to the beauty of the interior decoration.