Best 20 office lobby designs with beautiful lighting and decoration

When we come to an office, the first place that we would go is the lobby. Because many of offices have the lobby with design that remarkable. This is aimed the visitors will get first impression that fun. The amazing office lobby designs many we are find in offices now. But how to design modern office lobby with beautiful and give satisfaction to visitors guest?

The modern office lobby designs which have appeal and beauty need many inspiration to get it. We can start from the receptionist desk, a lot of examples that good, but that need consideration is form and color of the receptionist desk. That aimed is desk must in accordance with the color theme interior in the lobby. The next is wall decoration, on the wall behind the receptionist desk need to be given touch good decoration, for example by giving architectural that remarkable, relief, or unique decoration, to make visitors would be fun and enjoy it. To the next thing is lighting, lighting system that good we can design by placing wall lamp, down light, hanging lamp, strip lights, or ceiling lamps. All kinds of the lights must be regulated in well, so get the result of the lighting interesting and amazing. The following are examples office lobby design in modern style. Here there are 20 example office lobby with interior design that remarkable.