Best architecture design of modern container homes

There are all kinds of unique house without use tile roof, one of type unique house that referred is container home. The container home, in accordance with its name is type of house which use material container as dwelling place that unique and interesting. The original form of container is rectangular, the authenticity of this form is original. Besides use container as a dwelling place, type of this house is also built container shaped but did not made of original container , because box shaped container so called with container home. Home design this type is very simple, namely box shaped by display of exterior consisting of window and glass door, but there is also display its exterior using glass as wall. At present there are many types of this house is designed with modern style, as examples that we have prepared here is modern container home designs. Because its form which are simple, in terms of manufacturing of course would be easier and faster, although a lot of designs of modern house that have form of container or box. To design more advanced again, many types of this house is designed more luxury or more elegant, this could indicated of arrangement system and extent. For more details, take look examples of these images that we have prepared here. May useful to you.