Best Contemporary residential design with exciting architecture

Home is our residential of course must have beautiful designs and satisfying. In this modern era is so many designs new homes that will provide a lot of choice for us in designing ours home. A good residential will be supported by architecture style that is interesting, that but not only home, the types of another building of course will be priority to beauty architecture owned.
Therefore, in accordance with the title above, the following we will show examples pictures and overview of best contemporary residential design with exciting architecture. In accordance with its name, namely residential, residential this type many aim to modern home style with beautiful exterior architecture design. Most of type this residential have concrete roof by appearance of the glass wall, and priority to energy efficiency good. As the images that we present here, there are 15 the best example of contemporary residential home design. Of example these images, we hope will give new ideas for you in creating residential home be better with architecture style that remarkable. If we observed example images here, the residential home design have the simple form but architecture design that shown very luxurious and classy. For further look and observed example images that we present here.