Best decor accent

How to create beautiful interior design? The answer is by displaying beautiful decoration. But how is beautiful interior decoration? Beautiful interior decoration much influenced by many things, as theme color, furniture, form of the room, and the accessories that adorn. Accessories in a room, both the dining room, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or other part, have function as decor accent, it means trinkets which decorate of the room. Therefore of election and way of placement also must be considered. The examples of decor accent much used for example the flower vase, candle place, ornament lights wall, frame glass, ornament table, wall scone, and still many more other examples. We can take the example of one part home that must be required special attention, for example living room, on living room a lot of the types of decor accent creative and beautiful. Here are the examples of the best decor accent, both for ornament the table, wall, sideboard, and some styles is placement another.