Best exterior paint colors for the modern home

The modern style home exterior design will appear more good if have a beautiful paint color.There are many idea of paint color that accordance with modern home, the following is the most trend of modern exterior paint color ideas now. Here there are 20 example of exterior paint color for the modern home style that most commonly used. The exterior paint color much used now is grey and white color, besides such colors, the modern style homes design much use of colors exterior that sharp as red, green, creamy, and orange. With bright colors, the modern home style will visible more trendy and element of modern are very strong. All colors is accordance with the images that we present here, that is main color of exterior home. From the main colors of course need additional colors as of companion color or color accent. In case of selection companion color, case that need observed is of placement, so really create exterior design paint color a beautiful home and harmonious with main color. Because the form of modern home is simple, it is very easy if combine between main color with a companion color. For more information see images following about exterior paint color for modern style home.