Best modern bamboo bath cabinets design

One type of material that can be beneficial to equipment bathroom is bamboo. Because it has an unique texture, bamboo is very well made furniture although without done painting or finishing coating. One of example using bamboo as furniture to bathroom is cabinet. In the bathroom, the bamboo cabinets can be vanity cabinets, wall cabinets, mirror cabinets, or hanging cabinets. In the bathroom modern style, a lot of we meet new designs of bathroom cabinet that use bamboo as the main material. The bamboo bath vanity consisting of cabinet, drawers, and racks, while for the upper part usually placed a marble stone, it is meant to design bamboo bath cabinets be more beautiful. Natural bamboo cabinets very favorite people because have unique texture and beautiful. Besides vanity cabinets, still many more kind of cabinet that can be made of the bamboo.The following there are 15 example of best bamboo bath cabinets.