Bookcases living room design with best placement

The remarkable living room is the living room which has complete furniture and neatness in its decoration. The living room both in modern or classics, all will looks beautiful if it has decoration that remarkable. The living room furniture in general consist of the sofa, coffee table, TV stand, end table, carpet, standing lamp, sideboard, ottoman, fireplace, and shelves or rack. But for more details furniture there is in your living room, need to be added a bookcases. The living room bookcases, have a lot of design and placement ideas that appropriate, in aspect of ingredients, kind of this furniture is more made of material wood. Why, this is because wood will more have natural of high the art and have easy workmanship. In aspect of placement, the living room bookcases many placed one the wall with TV unit, it means to wall TV unit, the bookcase located at the right or left from tv. But not just it, there is some design which puts bookcase on above TV or under it. And to design another, the bookcase stand alone into a the cupboard. In addition there is kinds of bookcases that placed in the wall. For the narrow living room we can put simple bookcases in the corner.In addition to keep book, bookcases placement in the corner will give the impression that crowded but neat out of a living room. There are some examples of design and the beautiful placement the bookcases for living room here.