Cave underground bedroom decor ideas

For you who has visited the cave, will surely feel amazed and get the quiet atmosphere and desolate. From the interior of the cave many creative ideas in designing the interior to bedroom. As we know, cave has the form of the wall, the floor and the roof consists of rocks. How then if the condition was used as the bedroom? Or how if design bedroom with the atmosphere and conditions such as in the cave? If this is done then we will get a bedroom with the decoration is very unique and of course interesting. Underground bedroom can also called with cave bedroom, cave located under the ground because so that we get an underground bedroom with very interesting design and create the atmosphere of the bedroom as in the cave. Have a bedroom with a unique decoration and design is a certain satisfaction. The type of bedroom this will make us more unites with nature, besides that we will get a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. The cave bedroom ideas have a special appeal, and we certainly will get an extraordinary sensation.