Choose a small modern sofas that fits the theme of the family room

If you have small modern family room, sure you will be confused setting furniture that are inside it. Besides that, modern family room certainly will filled with modern furniture too. Therefore we must to think smart, so that modern family room design to be good.

Now there are various model of modern furniture for small family room, starting from the sofas, coffee table, end table, ottoman, tv stands, or bench. For small modern sofa, there are many design, for example small L shaped sofa, small U shaped sofa, or small sofa bed. The kind of material small modern sofa also varied, including upholstered leather, or with glossy leather. The small modern sofa can be put in the corner or in the middle, adapted to form of the shape. The color of simple sofa also much, but color commonly used in the small family room is white, black, gray, or brown. But those colors can also accordance with our desire. As examples the picture, there are 20 picture of small modern sofa with various types of ( L shaped sofa, U shaped sofa, and I shaped sofa. That need attention, adjust sofa color to the color theme your family room.