Classic brick wall fireplace for indoor and outdoor

To warm the room it should exist fireplace, whether it’s for the living room, dining room inside and outside. Today many types of fireplaces that we know, there are traditional, modern, electric, or other. In making the fireplace we first determine the design of the wall, because the wall will determine the beauty of decorating the fireplace.
There are many options for the walls of the fireplace, there are stone, brick, concrete, wood, or ceramic. One of them is a brick wall fireplace, brick if used for the walls of a fireplace will impress neat, unique, and beautiful. Fireplace brick wall will have a natural and traditional design. But there are many ways to design the wall brick fireplace, there are colored, left natural, coated, exposed, or combined with wood. The beauty and neatness of a brick wall is largely determined by the arrangement or pattern of the bricks. Fireplace wall designs, brick stacking horizontally, the distance between the bricks by white paint. But if you want a classic theme, then let the bricks is without staining, so it will look more natural and unique. The existing brick fireplace placed in a corner with the goal of getting three face the wall, so that we more freely when decorating. You can see some sample images here, which are the designs of the brick fireplace wall either for indoor or outdoor.